30+ Beautiful Backyard Garden Design and Landscape Ideas

Backyard Garden Design – Don’t waste valuable backyard real estate by keeping it drab and neglected. Check out these amazing backyard garden design ideas for inspiration in your backyard garden landscape!

I admit that when it comes to my front yard landscape, I usually conform to whatever is generally considered pleasing curb appeal. My backyard is a totally different story, however. It’s where I can totally be myself and disregard traditional rules or trends.

I’m always open to inspiration and new ideas, so if you’re like me, always looking for ideas for your backyard garden landscape, check out these amazing backyard garden designs I’ve had my eye on!

Patterned Color Flower Bed

source: gardenloversclub.com

A full garden is a happy garden, no? It sounds about right to us. Everyone loves seeing a garden that’s absolutely flush with flowers from end to end, but taking it a step further ensures some spectacular results. Try patterning your colors, setting different plants against each other, and generally creating attractive layouts for your garden, so it looks like a single planned work of art!

Colorful Adirondack Chairs

source: gardenloversclub.com

Adirondack chairs make the perfect seating complement to any garden. They’re a favorite of deck dwellers and patio patrons everywhere for their comfort and unique look. Most are plain natural wood toned, so try painting one a favorite shade, matching the flowers in your garden, and see what kind of beauty erupts!

Raised Herb Garden

source: gardenloversclub.com

We already covered raised gardens, but we wanted to include the idea of doing so for your herb garden. This makes for a handy way to make them stand out, defining the herb space as distinct from the rest of your garden. It also frames them in an attractive, timeless fashion.

Rooftop Container Garden

source: gardenloversclub.com

Maybe you don’t have a lot of backyard space, or any at all. If you live in an apartment building, however, you might have plenty of balcony or rooftop space with which to plant a garden anyway. There are thousands of container gardens to choose from, so the style is entirely up to you. Whatever you can fit comfortably up there, have at it! There’s really no wrong way to plant your own rooftop garden.

Stone Path

source: gardenloversclub.com

Stone paths are a classic touchstone (pun intended) of gardens everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be anything from purely decorative to highly functional. This particular set is sunk just slightly into the lawn for a discreet look that’s easy to run a mower over without trouble.

Tropical Mediterranean

source; rolitz.com

A Mediterranean garden design is characterized by stone structures and an arbor. But in this design, it incorporates a tropical plant selection. You’ll love this backyard design with a swimming pond for a refreshing retreat.

Australian Coast

omage via Jim Fogarty Design Pty Ltd

Take this design inspiration from across the ocean for a garden landscape overlooking a coastal view. A plant selection of drought-resistant plants will be ideal for a rocky and arid landscape.

Colonial Revival

source: twomenandalittlefarm.blogspot.com

Get back to your roots with this colonial revival garden landscape in your backyard. Lovely flowering plants and vegetables protected by a whitewashed fence will bring you back to the good old days.

English Contemporary

source; gardendecors.net

A garden design popular during the Victorian era deserves a comeback. You don’t need an extra spacious garden to pull this design off. This is perfectly suitable for an urban backyard or even a front yard garden landscape.

Cottage Flower Garden Meets Greek

source: ElBlogDelDecorador.cl

Why limit yourself to just one design idea when you can have two in a Greek and English garden design? You’ll have both the elegant clean lines of a Greek design and the loveliness of an English cottage flower garden.

Dutch Backyard Garden Style

source: MadeByLova.com

We all know the Dutch are big on their tulips. So you know how a garden design is inspired when the lovely flowering bulbs dominate the landscape. If you love your garden with bold and colorful paint on the structures and furniture, then this design is for you.

The owners of this house on a busy street in front of a bus stop dreamed of a private backyard oasis . This space was an open canvas and had a shared driveway and a rental unit next door. The couple requested a place to entertain family and friends in a beautiful private garden for socializing and relaxing.  The design also included a reading deck and a secluded sitting space surrounded by fragrant and drought tolerant plants.

Landscaping that accommodates pets is a common challenge for homeowners. The four-legged white husky that lives on this property loved to race from one side of the house to the other grooving a lane in the lawn and tracking mud into the house. The dirt ruts were transformed into step stone pathways bounded and unified by a new fence with conifer and perennial gardens.

A small low-maintenance patio, where the family of four could enjoy their stone fire-bowl and casual conversation, replaced a high maintenance deck. Sitting walls provide additional permanent seating. The house husky now greets her visitors under the welcoming arbor with clean feet!

French Meets Greek

source: Renolanslide.com

Columnar trees and well-defined borders in the edges of a lawn will describe a French garden design. On the other hand, a garden arbor and large stone vase or planters are descriptive of the Greek design. And I think the designs blend and compliment each other quite well!

Pot Hangers

image via karen berg

These polypropylene supports clamp onto the backs of pots—and practically disappear when screwed into a wall or fence. Designed to endure high winds, each hanger can bear up to 100 pounds. Plant anything you’d typically put in a pot, including kitchen herbs and annuals like the pansies and bacopa.

Wisteria Vines

image via max kimbe

Oak-leaf blooms and lady’s mantle bloom in front of a former sugar shack overrun by wisteria vines, where the owners of this Ohio farmhouse host candelit dinners.

Elegant Archway

image max kimbe

An archway covered in porcelain berry vines separates beds of black-eyed Susan, bee balm, and cat mint from this New York garden estate. The white, ruin-like columns in the distance were salvaged from a local bank.

Mixed Greenery

image via lucas allen

Rounded and sword-shaped foliage populate this Pennsylania garden, adding interest to the front-yard border even when little is blooming. “The iris leaves act like exclamation points,” the owner says.

The View From Inside

source: countryliving.com

To maximize the scene from their upstairs windows, which overlooks this arbor, the homeowners of this Hudson, New York, home planted a trumpet vine at each of the structure’s six posts.

Garden Arbor

source; countryliving.com

The homeowner of this Connecticut cottage built a fence close to the pool for intimacy, added evergreens for year-round structure, and varied the garden palette with complementary colors.

A Green Entrance

source: countryliving.com

Instead of a lawn, the homeowner of this Canadian cottage filled his front yard with a variety of plants. A gently winding gravel footpath leads visitors through the garden to the door of a whimsical—and practical—straw bale home.

Stone Walkway

source; countryliving.com

This 19th-century Italianate villa features a generous helping of lighthearted touches in the garden, like this walkway, to soften the stern edges and loosen up any lingering pomp. The homeowner planted allium for its simple geometry.

Pedestrian Plants

source: countryliving.com

In this Rhode Island garden, a variety called ‘Green Sheen’ surrounds the path to an office. The outcome? A no-maintenance, evergreen ground cover that shines year-round and complements the sage woodwork of the 18th-century fanlight and door.

Geometric Garden

source:; countryliving.com

Flowers are sprinkled throughout this Connecticut garden, from the bold prelude—a moody row of rose and clematis arbors—to herb beds anchored in ‘Fairy’ rose standards rising above fragrant heliotrope. The homeowner also devoted ample space for purple basil beside sweet, jalapeno, and paprika peppers.

Secret Garden

source: countryliving.com

With a structure to grow on, plants in this New York garden can create living walls that offer privacy and seclusion. Here, a cedar arbor boasts a dense covering of roses that forms a natural “roof,” while a boxwood shrub anchors the base of each column. The result is an intimate seating area that can be used for relaxing or dining.

This backyard was transformed using custom stonework for the walls and patio and extensive plantings providing year-round garden interest. The beautiful stone walls act as a backdrop for the terrace garden filled with peonies, roses, evergreen azaleas, and irises.

A large dining and entertaining patio, and in a later phase, a deck, was installed after the slope was retained. The bluestone and brick paver patio is used for business entertaining, family dining, warming by the fire bowl, and as a viewing point for the terrace and upper gardens. Stone edges were softened with native Redbuds and by cascading hydrangeas and other draping perennials.

This new construction suburban home in Needham was completely transformed from a dirt plot to a beautiful garden space. Each element of the property was examined and brought together with a consistent landscape plan. The client had specific needs including a child play space, a vegetable garden, a large shed for storage, lawn for play, a dining patio, a holiday tree for lighting, privacy screens, and a bird garden. The project included extensive work on the back yard.

A room can be created where there are walls, fences or any enclosing perimeter. My clients in Jamaica Plain wanted a beautiful back yard garden and space to grow food, dine, entertain, and have a small pet run. This tiny space gave me the opportunity to compact the elements of a indoor room in an outdoor setting.

A sustainable patio was built with sealed gravel and custom blue stone to allow water to reach the roots of the nearby trees which were laced with outdoor tube lighting for an evening atmospheric glow. A stone water basin, carved in Rhode Island by an artisan, doubles as a water bowl for the beloved four-legged resident who also appreciated the tiny lawn installed specifically as a cool resting place.

Fencing and existing walls were all adorned with wall art, some of which allows plants to casually climb their surface. The existing deck was demolished and replaced by a raised vegetable garden with vertical gardening on the walls and up bean poles. In addition a rain barrel, composter, and rain chain were installed to recycle water and organic food remnants back into the garden as nourishment.

Living on a slope is not easy if you are a gardener. Irrigation, planting, and installing all become more difficult. The steeper the slope the more problematic the challenges. Fortunately, the busy clients who own this property have the means and mood to keep their “house on the hill” beautifully maintained and lush with a variety of gardens.

This site is enchanted with a water garden including a frog pond, a contemporary English garden, conifer garden, sunny borders, a terraced vegetable garden, woodland paths, terraced walls, kitchen, reading and dining patios, deck, formal walkways with wrought iron railings, informal stepping-stone paths, windy small staircases, giant stone slab steps, a lacrosse field, and a variety exotic and classic plant combinations.


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