32 Bathroom Shower Ideas That Will Inspire You

Do you know bathroom can turn into a room where you can be freed from all problems? If you have good design for your bathroom, you can create a great atmosphere inside your bathroom. With great and relaxing atmosphere, when you use your bathroom, you can relieve all stress.

The design can be applied on all parts of your bathroom. Your bathroom shower is one of them. Most of people never paid too much attention to this part. However, if you can apply the best design on this part, you will get the best experience in using your bathroom.

Now, are you looking for the most perfect bathroomshower designfor your house? If you do, there is a list of 32 ideas that might give you inspiration. Just keep reading the article to find the most suitable design for your need and style.

Consider A Touch Of Wood

source: houzz.com

If you’re not afraid to be a little different, using teak floor boards in the shower will set you apart. Teak is a very tight grain of wood and resists water well. The only issue with it is that you’ll have to take it out and seal it with a fresh coat of wood conditioner from time to time. Thankfully this floor is designed to be easily lifted out to perform this routine maintainance.

Another nice feature of this stand up shower stall is the built-in bench that’s attached to the wall unit. I’ve never seen one of these units other than in pictures, but if you want one your local plumbing showroom will be able to help you find one just like it.

Turn Those Tiles Vertically

source: sundesigninc.com

There’s no reason to be like just about everyone else with courses of horizontally laid tile. You can easily create visual interest by rotating those tiles 90 degrees and placing them on the wall in a vertical pattern. The stone tile floor is a nice touch too.

Tile That Looks Like Fabric

source: libertasinteriordesign.com

The first time I came across this effect was at a hotel in a casino. When I walked into the bathroom I literally touched the wall because I couldn’t believe they were using wallpaper, but as soon as I felt the cool tile I knew I had been duped. Just be sure to keep the grout lines tight to complete the effect.

Did you notice there is no door either? If you have the room a doorless shower is a beautiful look and saves you hundreds of dollars. Showers without doors don’t need curbs that you have to step over on the way in and out of the enclosure either. It’s a great option for seniors too because it eliminates a common trip hazard.

Tile That Looks Like Wood

source: dorigdesigns.com

These are super hot right now and your local tile shop is going to have a few styles for you to choose from. They’re great for getting the look of wood but without the maintainance problems that come with it.

Tile That Looks Like Marble

We will never know because it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference unless you work with stone every day. Whether it’s carrara or calacatta, if you want the look of marble but without the maintainance you’re going to have a lot of options available to you at the tile store.

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

source: sincerelysarad.com

Close your eyes and imagine having a brand-new, remodeled bathroom shower with a clean, flawless shower pan and bright, gleaming walls. This is one dream that can be your reality with smart planning, optional DIY work, and of course, some money.

Many homeowners like you have felt the pain of dingy, non-functional showers, and they’ve successfully turned it all around. You can, too! See what these homeowners have done so you can getinspired for your own bathroom.

Upgrade Your Tile

source: jennaburger.com

You’ll adore your newly remodeled shower even more when you supersize it and add a light-filled frameless shower enclosure. Designer Jenna Burger did just that when she installed her own shower tile. With enough room for a bathing chair and plenty of light cascading through the frameless glass enclosure, this shower will make you never want to leave.

This raises the question, should you do your own shower tile work? While Jenna did the tiling work by herself, this is one tiling task that requires serious thought before you plunge in.

Wall, backsplash, and even floor tile are different because these areas are far less impacted by water. But with showers, the tolerance for error is almost nil, as even the smallest crack or seam can allow water to damage the home’s underlying structure.

Waterproof Your Shower

source: unexpectedelegance.com

As luxe as this shower remodel may seem, homeowner and Unexpected Elegance design blogger, Angela, calls it a “budget makeover.” Over 80 boxes of self-installed tile went into this gorgeous creation. She swears that she didn’t have to spend a ton of money (though she admits to splurging on the cabinet hardware).

Keeping water in the shower and away from subflooring, a major issue with any shower remodel, is made easier when you use a waterproofing membrane. This adds a critical layer of protection on top of the cement board, which will not be damaged by moisture but also doesn’t stop it from passing through to the subfloor, if water gets behind the tile.

Just like professional tilers do, Angela used Schluter Kerdi, a flexible plastic that can be cut with scissors and is applied to the cement board with non-modified thinset mortar.

Maximize Natural Light

source: evolutionofstyleblog.com

Watertight, bath-rated light fixtures exist for a reason: Showers can be dark. But there’s a better way to banish shower gloom: When you can get it, natural light is best.

You’ll find no better way to do this than by combining a corner shower unit with frameless glass walls. Evolution of Style blogger Jenny was in her friend’s house one day and captured images of that bathroom’s unique three-sided corner frameless unit.

Frameless showers use thick tempered glass, attached by metal clips, to serve as the walls. No wood framing is needed. If desired, you can buy a frameless shower door only, instead of the entire enclosure. However, frameless shower units are usually significantly more expensive than framed showers.

Round Out Your Shower

source: tiffanyblueyes.wordpress.com

When space is limited, you can’t do much better than adding a corner shower. But what about when space is super-tight, as in a tiny house? You add a quarter-round corner shower with a sliding door.

Rounded corner shower enclosures come with a fantastic feature: doors that slide on tracks instead of swinging outward. This avoids potential space design headaches because door obstructions are not a problem. And since the door is acrylic, there is no chance that it will shatter.

Seamless Shower

source: Sisters in Sync Design via Houzz

This large seamless shower in neutral colors, by Sisters In Sync Design, via Houzz, is a wonderful example of how you can integrate your shower space with the rest of the bathroom.

The ceramic floor and wall tile extending outside of the shower area, along with the curbless design and frameless glass enclosure, combine to present a seamless look. The bleached wood bench adds a touch of beachside comfort.

Steel-Framed Shower Enclosure

source: Smith Hanes

If you want to bring attention to your shower space, these industrial-style steel-framed glass walls are just perfect. This trend is definitely making waves and this custom design by Smith Hanes shows you how this might look in a classic bathroom with subway tile. The industrial look is perfect for a loft/warehouse style decor.

The contrast of black and white is definitely a theme here, and something you might want to explore in your own design.

Wet Room With Large Windows

source: John Maniscalco Architecture

If you have enough space, you can take advantage of natural light by creating a wet room shower featuring large windows that are frosted for privacy while bathing the area in natural light. Note the rain shower head and the plant and built-in bench within the wet area. The curbless shower design and frameless glass door allow the shower to blend in with the rest of the room.

The marble used by architect John Maniscalco gives this bathroom both elegance and a traditional minimalist look.

Space Capsule Shower

source: LAIR Architectural via Houzz

If your tastes are more futuristic, then maybe this original shower design will inspire you. Note how the space is defined not only by the curved walls but also by the smaller cut of the mosaic tile along the plumbing wall within the wet area. The multicolored, iridescent tile makes you feel like an astronaut!

This shower by LAIR Architectural, via Houzz, is definitely among the most original and memorable designs you’ll find.

Master Marble Shower

source: White And Gold Design

This large master bathroom shower design shows what you can do when you have lots of space—in this case, a long bench and a wet area large enough for two people to comfortably shower at the same time.

White And Gold Design did a great job with the marble tile ​here. Notice how the color of the hex floor tile is echoed in the bench slab and the larger ceiling tiles.

Earthy Design

source: pinterest.com

Bathroom is always link to water. This is one of natural elements needed the most for human life. Thus, designing shower spot which is created from natural elements is the best choice.

You can choose to use stony walls and floors which are combined with wooden elements. Picking up earth – tone colors for the bathroom will bring design much closer to the nature.

Green Walls Bathroom

source: pinterest.com

Green is nature color that can bring warm and fresh ambience to every design. This color will also be perfect the most for your bathroom. In this picture, you will find out that the walls are dominated by green color. The glass door used in the bathroom makes it looks larger than its actual size.

White Bathroom Shower

source: pinterest.com

White is always linked to cleanness and applying the color will be a great way to help you create clean environment inside the bathroom. The room is dominated by white color with little black color added to make it looks more elegant. The glass partition blends well with the white color.

White and Blue Bathroom

source: pinterest.com

To make your white bathroom shower looks much fresher you can add blue color on of the wall’s sides just like shown by the picture. The combination of the two colors is so perfect to carry warmness inside the room. You will love the natural element used for the floor. The earth – tone color chosen makes the design looks more natural.

Grey Bathroom Design

source: pinterest.com

Grey is another earthy color that is pick up by most people to decorate their bathroom. The color creates peaceful atmosphere to the room. The glass door used in the bathroom is so simple but gives elegant touch to the room.

Boldly Mix Colors And Sizes

source: kitchen-masters.com

This frameless shower door shows off a mix of grey ceramic tile from arizonatile.com accented with translucent shades of blue glass from MSI.

One subtle thing I’d like to point out to you is how they mixed together two different sizes of ceramic tile on the wall. These tiles are available in multiple sizes and here they blended together two rows of 6” tall ones and one row of 12” tall ones for a subtle but dramatic effect.

Mosaic Accent Walls

In an otherwise boring shower a mosaic accent wall on the far wall of the walk in shower will add a lot of visual interest. We all can’t afford limestone tiles, a rain head, two handhelds, and a couple benches; but if we are tiling the shower enclosure there’s no reason not to add an accent wall that will draw your eye into the space.

This works better on the far wall of a deep shower. If you have a more shallow walk in or if your shower is built into the corner the next design idea may work better for you.

Mix Travertine With Dark Tile Accents

If you want a rustic stand up shower consider travertine, even if you only have a small shower enclosure or a corner to work with, you can easily dress it up with a framed accent panel.

The tile borders aren’t expensive at all and neither are the mosaics that you’ll put in them. It’s a cheap and easy way to dress up an otherwise monochromatic color scheme.

Large Wet Room Shower

by Jim Somerset Photography

Want a large shower space as well as a bathtub? Consider a wet room-style design such as this one, where the tub is installed in the showering area. This way, two people can comfortably bathe and shower at the same time.

This design by Spivey Architects, via Houzz, shows you the possibilities of combining both a shower and a tub without sacrificing space.

Delicate Tile Shower

by Gilmore Design Studio

What first attracts the eye in this shower design is the delicate, lace-like marble tile treatment at the back. The medium grey tile inserts give movement and interest to what otherwise might be just another boring marble shower design.

This shower by Gilmore Design Studio is large enough for two and features natural lighting via the high windows. Creating a fully separate shower enclosure within the bathroom requires a large bathroom space.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Double Shower

by The Pleated Poppy

The white and blue color scheme, beadboard paneling, and subway tile are hallmarks of farmhouse style, and here a modern touch is added with the large glass shower enclosure and double shower heads.

This bathroom by The Pleated Poppy is fairly small, but the beadboard half wall topped with glass makes both shower and bathroom space feel larger.

Corner Tile Shower With Angled Glass Walls

source: Dovetail Construction via Houzz

If you’re worried about getting just another boring shower design, consider using a visually stunning tile, as in this example from Dovetail Construction, via Houzz. The hexagonal design of the tile serves as an eye magnet and dominates the bathroom. To balance it out, the designer kept other possible patterns more muted, and the colors neutral.

Tile Shower With Teak Floor

by Gelotte Hommas

Stone and ceramic tile are not your only options when it comes to shower flooring. This beautiful small shower by Gelotte Hommas Drivdaul has a teak slat floor, which gives it warmth and a bit of a tropical look. The wooden shower floor blends nicely with the wood bathroom floor, and the colors are echoed in the accent wall tiles.

The neutral colors make this bathroom compatible with any seasonal accents you like, whether it’s new towels, fresh flowers, or rotating artwork.

Bathroom with Natural Design

source: pinterest.com

Do you want to bring natural atmosphere outside into your bathroom? The design shown in the picture can be a good idea to apply. All the natural elements used in the room will give you the feeling that you are taking a bath outside. The green color chosen for the wall painting strengthen the natural look of the design.

Opened Sky Bathroom Design

source: pinterest.com

Look at the unique design of the roof used for the bathroom and you will love it. The roof is made of wooden elements with glass on top of it to enable you look out the sky out there while taking a bath. Not only that, the glass roof will also enable you to get natural lightings for your bathroom.

Small Bathroom with Monochrome Accent

source: pinterest.com

To decorate small bathroom elegantly, adding monochrome accent can be good solution. You can apply the accent for the floor. The walls which are dominated by grey color also looks perfect with combined with the monochrome accent.

Bathroom Design with Beige Color

source: pinterest.com

Beige is one of the natural color that can be perfectly combined with most colors. In this bathroom design, beige dominates the whole look of the shower spot. The perfect type of lightings chosen make the room looks so elegant and more spacious than it should be. The design will be perfect the most for you who adore simplicity and elegancy.









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