20 Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you have a plan to move from your dorm, it will be great if you start looking for an apartment now! But, you have to be ready to face the stressful, tiring, and really inconvenient to your activity. And, to make the apartment decorating ideas match with your personality and your need.

After you find an apartment to live in is totally worth it – even if the place is a total dump (which most college apartments are). Like I said before, a dumping place to start is not that bad. You can decorate your apartment as you want with elements and furniture. The idea of decorating your own apartment will increase its value, at least for yourself.

If you are looking for some apartment decorating ideas to decorate yours, Then, you have come to the right place. Because here, I will give you some examples and ideas about how to decor your apartment. These ideas can really change the look and the feel of your apartment and bring it to the next level living place. So here there are:

Go Curvy

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source:by room and board

Most apartments are a boxed shape so it will be nice to add some curve to yours. Even some part of apartment can’t be changed, like the door and the windows, but you can add some curvy furniture. You can start with add A round table and chairs. Rugs, with a different shape, also can help your apartment look curvier.

Lighten Up

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When you decorate your apartment, rugs can be an option to elevate its look. The choice of a good rug is important. You have to consider the material of the rug, the shape, the color or the tone, even the pattern of the rug. If you have a small apartment, a light tone of the rug can make an illusion of a bigger room.

Go With Curtains

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source: hgtv.com

Another way to decorate your apartment is with add curtains on the window. Add a curtain to “hide” the shape of your window will be a good choice. To cover it you can choose a simple and thin curtain to maintain a larger illusion look, or you can add more drama with a layered curtain to get the feel of home-like.

Layer It

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source: codyulrich.com

A bed is obviously the main furniture in an apartment. Choosing the right bed is a must. The most important thing is, you have to remember that your comfort and your taste is the main purpose. Add some blanket which will help to make your bed look bigger. If you have enough space, go with the bigger one, and put a simple cover and blanket to make it look smaller.

Sleep On It

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photo by jessie webstar

The placement of your bed is also important. You can put your bed near the door so when you open the door, the room looks bigger and larger. Put your bed directly on the floor, or on top a rug, can also add more space in your apartment. For a big apartment, you can put the bed right in the middle of the room, and add some furniture around the edges.

Brighten Things Up

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photo by jennifer lisseo

To complete the vision, you can play with lighting. The placement of the light, the type of the lamp, and the color choice of your lamp will completely change the look of your room. The brighter the light is, the more cheerful feel you will get. Dim the light to make your room fancier and add some “mystery” in your apartment decorating ideas. You can also bring a bold statement to add a neon-colored lamp.

Float It

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photo by brian patrick flynn

Put floating selves on the free space can be a choice too. Especially if you put your bed on the floor and place it in the corner of the room, you will have more space to put the floating selves. Another benefit of floating selves is it will add tons of storage space, but still, look sleek and removable.


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photo by brian mcweeney

You also can use the floating selves as media to show your belongings. It could be a perfect Showroom for the owner of the room. From your jewelry, medals, even trophy or stuff that you made by yourself, you can show it all. Especially when you have a collection about something, show it to your visitors will be a great option.

Miami Beach Condo

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photo by miguel flores vianna

Using an artist artwork as a highlight for your room could be another idea. Not only give you a profesional room look, but also give a fresh feeling to the room.

If You’re Into Prints

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source: society19.com

Try vintage as the theme of your apartment decorating ideas! The vintage will never die, even become a bigger thing over the years. For those who own a not-brand-new apartment and still has some retro feels, then this theme will be perfect because vintage furniture can be added to an already old place. Some apartment is an old building, by taking advantage of it.

Keep It Simple

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source: codyulrich.com

If you are one of those people who think the simpler, the better, so this simple apartment decorating ideas design is perfect for you! Things that you need is the basic one, a bed, table, chai, some lights, and also rugs or curtain. The less furniture you have, the more space will be seen, and also the less money you need to decorate your room.

Lighting Is Everything

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source: society19.com

This apartment decorating idea will be perfect for a freshman to. With a dimmed lighting, thw room can cover up all of those scratches and the gross colors of your walls.

If You Have A Terrace

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source: society19.com

If you have a terrace, this is a great look to go for! With a lot of  plants cover a majority of the space while the chair and the rug make it feel right at home!

Clear it with the Landlord

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source: homedit.com

The first thing that you need to organize is what you are and are not allowed to change in your apartment decorating ideas. You need to discuss with the owner, because even it’s your apartment decorating ideas, it’s not particaly your space.

Self-Adhesive Options

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siurce: homedit.com

Another tip is using a temporary decorating elements. Because the like i said before, you are not the owner, and you can move anytime, so using a temporary decorating elements will be great.

Color-Neutral Foundation

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source: homedit.com

The next tip is by adding a  grown up sophistication to an apartment decorating ideas by making wise color choices.

Plant Life

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siurce: homedit.com

Look at this apartment design which is so artistic combined with plant. In this the design, the plants could be potted countertop numbers, larger floor plants next to the sofa. By using the plant will look great and elevate positive energy.

Accessorize With A LOT Of Plants

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source: society19.com

Like I said before, plants can give you a positive energy. Put an effort to make a special space for it will be great.

Try a touch of DIY

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photo by jamie hard

If you’re both bringing in furniture and decor that you each already have, you may have to pull it together by adding a little DIY. Try covering pillows with different pillowcases, painting furniture, and changing dresser and door knobs.

Pick Mirrored and Acrylic Furniture

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photo by jamie hord

Mirrored and acrylic furniture is also brilliant when it comes to decorating small NYC apartments. I recently used this mirrored dresser and this acrylic desk for a few clients, and we were obsessed with the the overall look it gave their apartment.

That’s it, some apartment decorating ideas to help you decor your own apartment. Honestly, there are many more ideas that you can put in your room. For example; potted plant. The point is, whatever design you choose, whatever furniture you put in the apartment, and however you arrange the placement of it, your comfort is the most important. Because your apartment will be a place that you wish you can find a sense of peace

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