34+ Screened In Porch Ideas to Help You Build a Great Porch

Screened In Porch Ideas – You can see the view from the window but what transition the indoor and outdoor are in the front porch. You are not really inside but not actually outside. So, there are so many versatile uses of the little space in the house that offers something shady and airy.

Seasons may change but you can always gather in the porch area and watch the weather changes. It is hot and sweaty in summer and nice to see various fun in the sun. It is definitely cozy and windy during autumn and how exciting to see the leaves turned. And all of this can be experienced in the comfort of your home porch.

Houses have a different style, there is various interior design to choose from and there is a great selection of porch models and types. However, a screened in porch can come in different ideas and inspirations to enjoy the different seasons and doing many activities without worrying about the bugs, too much sun or splashes or raindrop. Let’s look closer to some of welcoming screened in porch ideas.

Modern Screened In Porch Design

source: karenefoley.com

There is more to screened in porches ideas than having some screens covering your porch. It comes in a dark tone that also gives a relaxing ambiance and yet looks particularly elegant at the same time.

Visually it is appealing in black transparent and matches with the entire house. It is not an additional section of the house but more like become one with the house. The design is simple and modern at the same time.

Traditional Porch

source: litmagazine.com

The saying simpler the better fit the typical common screen porch. It highlights the basic needs of having a screen in the first place as protection. It covers mostly the porch sides yet leaving some part without it.

The combination of wood, aluminum, and screens adds value to the house. Even, the color of wooden element and white paint come together and create a harmony porch area that the whole family can enjoy.

Farmhouse in the Village

by Kevin Sprague

The famous residence up in the countryside’s hill are known for the farmhouse wooden home. Most of these houses feature a rather low porch with wooden material that looks either the natural wooden tone or white rustic structures. Do not forget the wide neutral poles in each side that sturdy with wooden material covered in all white.

Southwestern Porch

by Whit Preston

All the best from the south include bringing the earthy theme to the interior and exterior design. The house is dominated with wooden horizontal slab wall in dark grey. So, it makes sense to have a big wooden pole in dark brown comes from real authentic wood. The brownish dirt in the yard makes the color scheme fit together nicely. Not to mention the additional plants in pots that you can see lies all the way from the yard to the porch.

A House By The Coast

by Jim Bartsch

Typical houses in the coastal area display the southern warmth. So, you can enjoy the historical structure of the house from that area in that particular time. The particular moment when people hanging around in the porch and talking to their neighbors. A high-end porch that comes with stair left some part for the basement. This type of porch is high than the street and gives a higher view of the surrounding areas.

Elegant Purple Porch

by Small saucers are repurposed to display this home’s address. nola.agent/Flickr/CC-2.0

If you have a classic Victorian house that no doubt your porch is filled with amazing wooden structured detail with various wooden items. To give fresher touch you can have all the wooden element painted to match the entire exterior design. The wooden structure joined to one another will mean a great decoration values as well as a working functional window and doors.

The Good Old Porch

by Connie Ma/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

A vintage house should keep thing classy. The All blue wall matches perfectly with the all beige wooden island on the floor, stairs and even in the poles. Staying true with the two-tone combo is a simple way to keep an old house neat. The sofa and lazy chair is a nice addition outside to sit and watch the days goes by.

Modern Natural Porch Ideas

by Laura Hull Photography

A large house means a large front porch area. So you can have more chairs and table for the entire family to relaxed in. The use of wooden slab and natural stones with marble finishing display a natural porch that both welcoming and relaxing.

Modern Porch Ideas

by Lisa Hallett Taylor

The modern house has a unique feature with a simple structure. This two-story modern house has aligned porch with the balcony upstairs. The simple shape of the porch that has a long feature is kept plain and yet seems sophisticated.

Glass Screened Porch Patio

by noten-animals.com

Any homeowner can have their patio safe from weather and insects with this enclosed screened porch. The white aluminum frame come in contrast with the dark glass shades. It gives additional protections as well as an appealing yet simple decorative structure.

Get Decker

by archadeck.com

A screened in porch ideas does not have to be down in the front door. If the house structure in a two-story building with a higher deck, then having a screened porch upstairs is perfectly understandable. It looks interesting from below and the homeowner can enjoy the sceneries above better in a high view.

Simple Screened In Porch Ideas

by cecilash.com

A detach are with a distinct circular shape makes an interesting porch side. Even a small porch passion can have screened all around it and become a nice relaxing area. The focus decoration of the house is the built-in the fence that has a continuous line from the stairs all the way to the surrounding patio.

High And Large Screened In Porch Ideas

by chattanoogalanddesign.com

The fireplace setting is particularly unique. It is located in the porch area making it suitable for family gathering area. Because it is in the patio then you need a screened in the whole area to give more privacy as well as safety. The dark screens offer a unique quality of family space. The high decked patio looks large with a higher view to the street and the view around it.

Picnic Party Screened In Porch Ideas

Clearly, the homeowner has put up some serious love around the garden. The healthy and abundant grass, green plants all around even in the patio ceiling gives a clear green theme to the house.

Some weather is too good to missed out. Even the furniture is ready to cater to any form of entertainment. The rocking chairs are easy items to enjoy the sun and breeze wind. You can put out the picnic carpet and throw in some pillow and you are set to experience the seasons.

Porch Picture Perfect

You may have seen this screened in porch ideas in various places. The picket fences against the low porch with all white scheme is a pretty familiar sight for sore eyes. The green grass meat the large porch with fences. The garage area is an empty space that soon will be occupied.

Multifunctional Screened In Porch Ideas

Nowadays any spot can be put into good use. For example, you can have a room with various function. And this is not limited just around the kitchen. But also for a screened in porch which large enough for a space.

You can have a sitting room, coffee bar area, living room as well as family room right in the screened in porch ideas.

Simple Porch Ideas

You do not need to worry about spilling things out without being careful in this screened in porch ideas. All the elements are natural and even the furniture is amazingly beautiful.

Autumn Themed Porch

Decorate the porch with what you got in the season which is a great way to keep this fresh and personal. You will love a basket of freshly picked fruits that is in season or a bouquet of wildflowers from the garden. In autumn when nature is most fascinating you can have that element to decorate the screened in porch ideas.

Outdoor Screened In Porch Ideas

You can see this screened in porch ideas coming out of an old movie. To explain, you can imagine yourself using a wooden porch and a pile of wood to light up the fireplace. Even the portable fireplace is a great feature to decorate and keeps the homeowner warm in different situations.

Patriotic Concept For Screened Porch

Some people associate flags with certain seasons. Just like September is for the Halloween and Winter is for a winter wonderland. The habit of hanging flags is passed down from generations to generations and lost its true mining in time.

Classic White Design

This mirror porch has all things in balance. Pay attention to the things in the left is the spitting images of things in the right. Even the night lamp and the rocking chairs are mirrored and do not forget the flower in the room that represents the garden all too well.

Porch with Hanging Seats

Chair or rocking chairs are so yesterday. Double swings on the porch are can also mean a great way to start a day by relaxing and pampering yourself.

Sunset Viewing Porch

by Michael Wolk Design

The screened option is suitable for decorating the porch area in a smart way. You can have the common chair and sofa, complete with the deck. The relaxing ambiance of having screened in porch match amazingly with the coastal view.

You can set a different kind of cup and mug yet, in the end, nice transparent screens usually reserved for once-in-a-lifetime purposed.

Traditional in The City

by Michael Lipman Photography

This traditional triangular meet square parts of the house and create a well balance photoes. You can not miss out the gable entry meets the flat roof and create a home atmosphere

River Bank Screen Porch

by Stephen Buchanan

Location and destination are what keeps the thing nice and relaxing. That this circular side that we use. The homeowners keeps things personal by doing a budget-friendly porch side.

Moreover, the unique shapes can easily replace the typical common patio and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. You are left with a timeless ambiance. Of lazy chair, dining table area as well as a place to rest.

Garden Viewing Screened In Porch Ideas

by Harth

The intention behind the making of the front porch area is having an area to sit enjoy the sceneries and the weather. A larger house also means a large porch area to cater to any needs and desires.

The one side comes with a build in pole and shades. While the other side is left with no wings or recipe. The wooden stair goes along the decking to maintain.

Small Porch In The Front

by James C. Schell

Certain areas in America have attached home with the same home structure

and design. This also applies to porch areas. This house has a square porch with the same fences and again sitting together without someone eying for the price.

It does not take much to enjoy the sun like it is not a hassle to have a large area to put your swings and rocking chair in the porch areas and just have fun.

A Cottage Like Porch

by Warren Jagger

You can have various type of house and makes the best use of what you have. So, when you have a long conjoined small cottage connected to each other is left the house with some unique feature.

The porch side becomes a long boardwalk with wooden material and furniture. The screened that attached to the entire room give warmth and also safety from people seeing it clearly from a distance.

Coastal Concept For Screened In Porch Ideas

The not so typical form of house implements a nice custom-built coastal home with lovely arched pole and an L shaped porch. The large front porch has a lot of empty spaces to move around. It is a nice idea to view a charming small town for a lower cost than its Eastern neighbors.

Traditional Screened In Porch Concept

by Jessica Tanzer for Daniel Garber

This shingle-style home makes a large from porch areas. The diligent use white and light grey has become an inspirational too all. A little touch of vintage light is both authentic and affordable.

Glasses Wall For Screened In Porch Ideas

by coolanz.com

A see-through porch behind glass transparent is a great way to give a screened porch at home. You can add curtains or shades to keep things in order as a private setting. However, the glass feature almost makes a no different impact on the porch that naturally is white.

Over the Top Porch

by decoist.com

In case you want to take things to the next level, this can be a very good idea for you. It really delivers a wonderful new perspective towards the entire experience, and it’s just a pleasure to explore most of the time.

If you like screened in porches ideas, then you may want to give this one a shot too. It’s really interesting and distinct, but it also delivers a lot of attention to detail and features that you rarely have on the market.

So, overall, you won’t have to worry about anything here and the visuals are great. Adding in such a huge porch area works for a large home, but it does take quite a lot of work to make everything deliver the value that you expect in the end!

Cool Design

by freshartlongisland.com

Bringing in this nice and distinct door color can really help you stand out from the entire experience. Plus, the screened in porch ideas shown here are great, because you can create a nice relaxing area from your porch.

As long as you make the most from the entire experience, the results can be more than ok. It’s all about finding the right way to handle something like this and it will be more than interesting in the end.

While it does require a bit of focus and commitment, this is one of the better screened in porch ideas that can be modified and customized according to your needs. You should consider checking it out!

Simple Yet Very Beautiful

by haammss.com

Yes, it really goes to show that you don’t have to go over the top with things like these. A simpler and nice approach can still do wonders here, and the outcome will be more than interesting because of it.

While it can be a bit tricky at first, as long as you avoid rushing and don’t focus too much on details, you will be more than ok for sure. The screened in porch ideas listed here are great and they do work very well in this context, which is what matters the most.

Impressive Visuals

by ilarysgrillsocial.com

If you really want to go over the top here, you can as the results are actually more than interesting. While this one is a bit too complex for some people, it does have some great ideas and the exciting thing is that it does work well with the house design.

That’s what you need from screened in porch ideas, something that really works and which does deliver that sense of value and quality in a pragmatic and distinct manner.

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