30+ Incredible Fireplace Ideas for Your Best Home Design

Living in the area that can be cold any time or just the winter season and it is great to have a fireplace in the house. Not only to warm the area in your house but also it can make your house look so much better since it adds the atmosphere inside the house.

There are so many fireplace designs that can enhance the look to your interior design. Fireplace comes with different size and materials, it can be as the decoration or it can also be warmer at the same time. Fireplace usually made from stone, brick, or ceramics. However, some of them are made from marble or glass. The fireplace does come in different colours and varieties. It brings the cosy and comfortable vibes in your living room or sitting area.

There are so many options of fireplace design that you can get! First of all, you may need to take a look at this fireplace design list down below to get an idea and inspire you to have them.

Craftsmanship at the Core

Photo: Annie Schlecter

You do not have to worry to find the perfect material for your gorgeous fireplace. All you need is to find the good material surround yourself. The stone fireplace like this gives pattern and texture to your fireplace. It also gives the rustic looks that make it feels like you are closer to nature. The stone fireplace like this is definitely suitable for any kind of style in your living room.

Classic Meets Bohemian

Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Lots of people looking forward into bohemian style when it comes to interior design. They look simple and fresh, just like the bohemian and classic fireplace above. The white square gives the classic simple look which is perfect to combine it with the bohemian design. To have aesthetic look, you may fill in the fireplace with sea glass, this way can make it looks shimmery.

Since the fireplace has a white colour that absolutely looks perfect if you combine it with other colour, try to be creative to make the fireplace looks pleasantly aesthetic. Combine the colour like turquoise decoration against the yellow-golden wall, this way can bring the eclectic vibe into your living room.

Play on Pattern

source coastalliving.com

Fireplace with a pattern? Why not! The pattern is an essential decoration to give the plain colours look so much better. The idea from Anthony Bratta created the fun looks of fireplace use pattern, try to find the exact pallet to mix the pattern is a great way to have fun looking pattern says him.

Grand & Cozy

Photo: Tria Giovan, Stylist: Heather Chadduck

Fireplace with a pattern? Why not! The pattern is an essential decoration to give the plain colours look so much better. The idea from Anthony Bratta created the fun looks of fireplace use pattern, try to find the exact pallet to mix the pattern is a great way to have fun looking pattern says him.

Warm & Rustic

Photo: Mark Williams, Styling: Nathalie Williams

Rustic style brings the cosy feel inside the house since the style is close to nature and earthy tones. If you love the rustic style, you may love this idea of African cottage with the fireplace in the sitting area. This look is absolutely gorgeous! The cottage combine with the rustic style makes it looks extra cosy.

Timeless & Traditional

Photo: Lisa Romerein

White is one of the colours that go together and absolutely looks perfect combined with all of pattern and colours. The brick fireplace gives the pattern to the all-white walls. Just a great way to have a blank canvas to your living room, use your creativity to play with colours and patterns. The colourful furniture and decoration make the place looks vibrant and bring a happy mood.

Inspired by Nature

Photo: J. Savage Gibson

Nature is never going away as the mesmerizing view of all time. You can also bring the nature theme into your fireplace area. Mosaic glass of the fireplace is absolutely beautiful, the decoration of seaside colours frame brings the breeze vibe in your living room. Adding some plants into your room is the essential thing to enhance the mood and add greenery.

Modern Chic

Photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Modern chic style is one of the best styles you can have in your house including the fireplace area. The black and white look like this brings the modern style, adding the white mirror gives the chic style in the area.

On the Half Shell

Photo: David Hillegas

The unique decoration that you can steal for your lovely fireplace is with the oyster shell! Not only makes your room brings the beach vibe but also this is a low budget look. To decorate the fireplace with beach feels, you can add a rope garland and pine branches to get close to nature atmosphere.

Serene & Sculpted

Photo: Bill Holt

The brown accent of this fireplace area brings a warm and calm atmosphere. The fireplace in the sitting area with the theme like this makes it looks more comfortable. Decorate the white with brown accent fireplace with decoration that related to brown and white like a sailboat is a great way to have simple but perfect look. Choose the tones like cream, white, and brown to achieve the serene and sculpted style.

Fireplaces Offer a Warm Welcome

source: Oliver Burns

The fireplace brings a good and cosy vibe into your room. It is one of the best things you can have to warm up and also to bring the atmosphere in the sitting area. The decoration like the fireplace is suitable for every interior design style. The companion of the fireplace in your living room area brings the welcoming atmosphere every time you walk in.

Contemporary Living Room Fireplace

source: Elms Interior Design

If you love the simple and modern look into your living room, you may have to choose this contemporary fireplace style. Elms Interior Design created the non-mantel fireplace in the living room. The floor to ceiling fireplace wall like this does not give attention in the area which makes the sitting area looks more simple and intimate. This idea is a great way to make your fireplace looks simple and modern that blends into the living room design.

Glass Living Room Fireplace

source: Acucraft Fireplaces

The interior design with glass always makes the area looks pleasantly aesthetic and modern. Acucraft Fireplace designed this brilliant idea of glass living room fireplace that high to the ceiling. The uniqueness of this modern fireplace can also bring the art into the room. It also totally looks great with the luxury style too since the glass fireplace brings the modern and luxury atmosphere.

Fireplace With Built-In Shelving

source: John Lum Architecture Inc/Sharon Risedorph

Fireplace in the living room may need big space to the wall so why not have shelves next to fireplace as the decoration as well, right? John Lum Architecture designed the fireplace with the shelves in the sides to make the decoration space for the wall in the living room. Both of the sides comes with the useful cabinets as your living room storage. It also gives the balance to the fireplace as well.

Copper Fireplace

source: LDA Architecture and Interiors

There are so many ways to make the modern fireplace style. Copper is one of the materials that you can get for your modern fireplace. The designed created by LDA Architecture and Interiors make the cosy living room with the modern fireplace looks. The copper fireplace like this brings the contrast to the living room!


source: decoraid.com

The mirror is the way to make your room looks so much better since it can make your area looks so much bigger. A mirror can also bring the glamour vibe to your room, the designer of this photo created the design of fireplace along with a mirror on top. The design like this is very simple and easy for you to have in your house since you can get mirror everywhere at a good price and also makes your area stunning than ever.

Log Storage

source: decoraid.com

Another way for you to have a pretty looking fireplace is adding the pattern with the logs. This on budget style brings the rustic atmosphere into the sitting area. All you need is the storages in the sides of fireplace, placing the logs in the storage is a great way to have rustic style. Isn’t it interesting to see the wood logs as the pattern against the white walls?

Understated and Minimal

source: decoraid.com

The simple and modern looks for your sitting area is what people need to have a cosy place. Just like this understated and minimal style for your fireplace looks. To achieve the look like this, all you need is to get the smooth finish tonal for the fireplace wall. The fireplace style like this is suitable for your modern and minimalist looks for your living room.

Central Placement

source: decoraid.com

Centrally placed fireplace ideas are ideal for almost any room, even better if you’re able to place furnishings around for easy conversation areas that will keep guests warm and cozy.

Scandinavian Simplicity

source: decoraid.com

Take a cue from Scandinavian design for light, bright, and airy fireplace decor ideas. Go tonal and keep it white while placing sheepskin rugs and mid-century modern furnishings around it to complete the look.

Cabin Feel

source: decoraid.com

Perfect for brick fireplace ideas, a rustic feel will add a sense of the outdoors and the organic while keeping your space intimate and comforting.


source: decoraid.com

A more graphic and vibrant approach to fireplace ideas, tiles will lend a room a visual punch while allowing for riotous color, pattern, and play.

White Painted Brick Fireplace

source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

To paint brick or not to paint brick? So many people are hesitant to do it, but here, designer Jessica Helgerson demonstrates that when a brick fireplace is painted properly it can blend seamlessly into a room’s design. Just be sure when painting brick that you’re certain you want to do it ​because once brick has been painted it’s very difficult to restore it to its natural look.

Mosaic Tile Fireplace Details

source: Calista Interiors

Have a little fun with your fireplace by using a mosaic tile surround. In this transitional living room from Calista Interiors, the mosaic pattern adds a sense of fun to an otherwise solidly neutral space.

Farmhouse Flair

source: Witt Construction

Give a living room a little farmhouse flair with a stone fireplace surround. As this room courtesy of Witt Construction demonstrates, you don’t need to go all out with a stone mantel and hearth in order to get the full effect. This fireplace uses both stone and vertical shiplap to create a warm and friendly farmhouse design.

Fireplace with Look of Built-In Furniture

source: homebunch.com

Sweeping Curves Create Warm Alcove

source: homedit.com

Old World Wooden Fireplace Surround

source: hgtv.com

Angles and Curves Makes Architectural Sense

source: homedit.com

Natural Stone Fireplace Warms Outside Space

source: houzz.com

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