20+ Dressing Room Design for Inspiration You

A dressing room is a dream room where every woman hope they have. In fact, this statement becomes wider over the years. Not only women, but men also dream to have their own dressing room design. Because the dressing room itself is room to be arranged. Usually, their fashion items and all the of which is part of their fashion expression.

A dressing room is a room when the owner of the room feels like they are king or queen. No one watching, you can choose whatever wardrobe you want. Apparently, nowadays the apartment is so small, that you have to be wise with the decision on the design.

The answer to the question above is, everyone can have a dressing room, even when they are living in a small place. If you are one of the people who lived in a small place and planning to have a dressing room, you come to the right place. This time we will discuss dressing room design for your small living place.

Light and Bright

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The first one is white and ivory themed design. Most of the apartments are made in a white and ivory interiors design. The bright color will dominate the room, which is good because a bright color will make an illusion to make the room looks bigger.

You can go with glass-front doors, a carpet, an open rack, and soft lighting. This kind of design will give you a pleasure of warmth and coziness.

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The second one is a bath dressing room. like the name, you will have your dressing room inside of your bathroom. Unlike the dressing room that not everyone has, a bathroom is a must room that everyone has in their house. You can go with customized wall closets and drawers so that you will maximize the space of the room. a wall closets to hang your clothes and a drawer to put your folded clothes.

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The next one is an open storage dressing room. This storage dressing room will help you to find your thing easier. The only thing that you need for this design is a drawer, floating selves, and a place to hang your clothes under the sleeves. This design is perfect for you if you have a small space. You can use a sliding door or you don’t need any door.

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Another dressing room design is a carefully organized collection of shoes. For example, this closet includes showcase-quality space for your luggage. With a tower of drawers offers convenient storage for socks, ties, and maybe even a travel brochure.

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Another dressing room design is a glamorous dressing room. the room usually dominated by bold colors like white, black, gold, or red. Try a white-colored with a glass door cupboard. Place them in the left and right side. Don’t forget to add a big mirror against the door to make the room look bigger.

For the lighting, you better choose a bolder light for adding a vitality into the room. But, whether you choose a dim one, or bright light, choosing an LED  type of light will be great ideas.

Shoe Storage

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If you were obsessed with one of the types of your fashion, make a special room for them will be great. For example, if you have a bag or shoe collection, be bold and show them! Let people know what you have. A glass showcase will be great to make it happened. Or you can go with the opened selves design.

Boutique Touches

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The next dressing room design is a boutique like design. Lots of open shelves, mirrors, and hanging place for your clothes. Like in the boutique, where you almost can see all of the fashion items can be seen, you can make your own fashion item show up. Wall lamp to highlight your favorite items or side, will increase the feel.

Nothing But Height

dressing room almirah design


Maybe you can go to the over-the-top closet where you can throw parties in it. In which, is precisely the case for this three-story-tall.

Maximize Your Space

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If you have a really small closet, you want to make sure that every inch of your closet is can be used. Furthermore, you can spot everything that you have in the dressing room design. However, you need to go with a 3 different height hanging area, for your dress, bottom, and your top. You can apply this method to makeover your own dressing room.

Maximize the Corners

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Another dressing room design is using a free space or corner in your apartment. One of the corners that will be perfect is your bedrooms’ free space or corner, using the same technique as the previous one, where every inch of space all the way to the ceiling is used, will maximize the space.

The best part is you don’t even have to have a closet to have a fabulous place to hang your clothes.

If you have a compact or capacious room, bespoke storage is a great way of optimizing a dressing room. bespoke storage is also making the most of an awkward-shaped space or uneven walls. With putting narrow niches can be utilized for the tie, belt, and scarf racks. More storage organizers will means more room to grow your collection.

Unlike cloth, footwear takes up less depth than the hanging space required for clothes, so they will fit into a shallow cabinet or reduced-depth shelving.

You can use a narrow niche to make the ideal spot for bespoke shoe shelves. Put a seating nearby, so you can try on different pairs of your footwear easily.

This dressing room design is ideal for optimizing the small space, while keeping everything in place and hidden out. By using the same neutral paint shade on furniture you will create a wraparound effect.

Try to add concealed hinges, elegant hardware, a pared-back pendant and comfy seating to complete the look.

You should consider using a mix-and-match dressing room design to make the room looks rustic yet clean. Also, using contemporary fabrics and wallpapers alongside classic prints in addition. Mixing the old and the new elements will help decrease the space from feeling too contrived.

This dressing room design decorates the doors with a pattern or trompe l’oeil-effect covering. So that, you can tick two trend boxes in one – beautiful storage with a statement surfaced.  Or you can use another option by choosing a handleless opening for a seamlessly hidden bank of units.

Hide Storage Behind a Curtain

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Repurpose a corner in your bedroom by hanging a shower-curtain rod and luxurious drapes from floor to ceiling can also be a good idea. You can just close the draperies and no one knows you’ve just created a closet.

Shoe Storage Small

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Using some cubbyholes for your shoe storage can be a great idea since shoe won’t take much place. To finish the look you can also install an extension valet to hang tomorrow’s outfit or for handy pullout hanging space.

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Mix lavender panels, fuchsia silk backing, and lit-from-above glass shelves and you’ve got a dressing room that dares to be different. But despite its artistic temperament, this space is serious about providing an organized environment for storing fashion. Clothes rods are installed at just the right heights for dresses and separates. Cubbies keep handbags in dust-free order. Glass shelves make shoes a fashion focal point. And drawers keep more intimate fashions, jewelry, and other accessories organized in style. A polka-dot bench offers a whimsical landing spot.

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Stacks of drawers and seemingly acres of mirror-door cabinets create a dressing room that’s primed for grooming. With its pleated skirt, a pink linen-upholstered bench offers a cushy, feminine spot for lounging, trying on shoes, or perhaps even grabbing towels from upper cabinets. The floor features polished marble tiles in a basket-weave pattern.

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Every detail of this dressing area was designed to correlate with the refined, neoclassical look of other rooms in the 1913 Beaux Arts-style home. Bifurcated cabinet doors wear muntin-embellished antiqued mirrors. Wood floors match those on lower levels. A gracious area rug offers a cushy place to stand when deciding what to wear. See the next slide for a view inside the ckaloset doors.

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An antique chandelier and crystal knobs sparkle within a soft gray-painted dressed room whose mirrored doors add an air of infinity to the space. Along with the hanging storage behind closed doors, a large stainless-steel-topped island includes multiple drawers on each long side for folded garments, lingerie, and accessories.  A practical touch: Wall hooks offer convenient spots for admiring hanging garments from afar.

So that’s it, some design to help you make or makeover your dressing room. whether you choose the simple one, warm one, glamorous one, or the space saving one. Well, as long as the design satisfy yourself. Then you made it, to make your own dressing room design.

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