22 Simple Modern Dream Home Ideas [Latest 2019]

Everyone has their own dream house, I believe you agree with that statement. After becoming an adult, now is your time to make your dream come true. Whatever dream house ideas you have, you could realize it.

But, it is not easy to make your dream house ideas come true based on dream alone. you need to consider many factors before planning. Now, this might be a daunting task. But, if you succeed, then that moment might be the happiest in your life.

When we face the fact that there are so many ideas and designs that exist nowadays, sometimes we couldn’t decide. But no worries, because here we give you some dream house ideas design to decorate your house

1. Mini Home Within A Home

dream home ideas master bedroom

source: www.boredart.com

The first idea is to put together a dream home ideas in your new dream house. Most of the people dream of their house by their previous house, most of the time their parents’ house. Bringing the old elements to your new dream house will make you feel cozy and warm from your home. There are so many ideas that you can put in your home-like space, one of them is a memory tree.

2. Tree Of Pictures

dream home ideas design

source: www.boredart.com

A memory tree will be great to refresh your memory and give you a warm nice flashback. Showing your memories in the new dream house will make you feel like you are at home with the dream details that you have. Put an old picture or family portrait can be a great choice. By seeing your family’s face in the first place will give you a welcoming vibe by your family.

3. Slide Instead Of Stairs

dream home ideas pinterest

source: www.boredart.com

Another dream home ideas is to make a room based on children’s’ activity or hobby. This idea will be great for you who has a new little family, and you want to give your children space for them doing their things. Or f you are someone who has a childlike enthusiasm for such things, this idea will be great and fun for your dream house.

4. Indoor Safety Net

dream home ideas foxtel

source: www.boredart.com

The second idea is using circus vibe to your, or your children’s, bedroom. This idea still has a connection with the previous one. As a child, we will be so excited when we went to a circus. The vibe, the performance, and the mixture of a lot of colors give you joy.

Now imagine bringing those memories to live in your bedroom. The feel of excitement when you entered a circus back in the day, will hug you tight when you enter your room. This is a part of dream house ideas you should seriously consider.

5. Hide That Hot Tub

dream home decorating ideas

source: www.boredart.com

If you lived in a hectic city, with a stressful job, I am sure when you come home you want to relax yourself down. One of the way relaxing takes a hot tub.

Consider putting an open bathub, in the free spaces you have. While its look luxurious, you will also get the cozy feels. And of course, you can have a hot tub experience every time you want or need it. That’s why having these dream house ideas is important.

6. A Grand Kitchen

dream home interior ideas

source: www.houzz.com

When we create our dream house ideas, we will automatically create every room in our dream room. one of the most important room is the kitchen. The room where you start your day by having a nice meal for your breakfast.

A warm-tone ceiling, gorgeous hardware and cabinetry, island beadboard walls and a butcher block are just some ideas to make your own dream kitchen. Of course, you need to match the kitchen with the whole dream home ideas design.

7. Chiseled Edge Countertops

cool dream home ideas

source: www.houzz.com

If you want some granite material tabletop, you might consider having this design. For your information, this tabletop uses a black granite called Mysore. It compliments the cabinets which create a crude yet artistic look.

8. A Place For The Stand Mixer

dream home ideas home

source: www.houzz.com

It’s our dream, so we can fantasize about all the free time we’ll have in the kitchen. That’s why, happing a few things in the kitchen is always a good idea. A stand mixer for the purpose of baking is simple and easy. Consider this design for your own dream house ideas.

9. Double Islands

hgtv dream home ideas

source: www.houzz.com

Of course, a grand kitchen should have (at least) two islands. This spacious Canadian kitchen features an island with storage and a sink as well as another island for dining. Oh, and we’ll take one of those dedicated Jack Daniel’s-themed bars while we’re at it.

10. Diner Seating

awesome dream home ideas

source: www.houzz.com

The great thing about putting together a dream kitchen is that it doesn’t have to be completely cohesive — just like a real dream isn’t. This diner setup in a Los Angeles kitchen evokes a bit of nostalgia and ensures a fun experience every morning.

11. A Stylish Laundry Room

ideas for dream home

source: www.houzz.com

What about a laundry room? Well, it’s a dream house ideas after all. A space limit won’t bother you. If you have enough space you can make a dedicated room for your laundry. I mean, if you have a walk in closet to put your lovely clothes, why don’t you give them a special space for “their treatment”. For example, this laundry which seems simple yet pretty.

12. Create A She (or He) Shed

cottage dream home ideas

source: http://tiphero.com

Next question is, what about the outside? A garden will be great for your palace. Or, if you are more to a camping person, has a gazebo or a separate room outside of your house will be a good choice. Make a comfortable space away from your home and feels like back to nature. Because of that, this dream home ideas couldn’t be any better.

13. Re-Vamped Couch Legs

dream home ideas australia

source: http://tiphero.com

What about having a couch which looks so elegant yet actually is cheap?. Well,  you might consider changing the couch legs. Then, replace it with something metallic with a dark color to make it feels elegant.

14. Indoor Swimming Pool/Spa

dream home ideas small apartments

source: www.theplancollection.com

What about an indoor swimming pool for your dream house ideas? You can relieve your stress by a swamp in a private swimming room. the fact that the room is inside the house will make you feel like you have a huge bathroom.

You can swim whenever you want. No sunscreen needed, nobody watching, and the food in the kitchen near the room, it feels like you don’t need anything else.

15. Butler’s Pantry

modern dream home design ideas

source: www.theplancollection.com

Or you can dream of a private-hired chef, and also a professional kitchen design! This theme will add more luxury scheme to your house. Also, if you really want to hire some professional private chef, this kitchen will not make you ashamed.

16. A Garage Bar

my dream home ideas

source: www.houzz.com

A bar will be another great choise if luxury is the kind of house you’ve been dreaming. A drink and music whenever you want? It’s a great dream house ideas to take respite every time we got home from our busy schedule.

17. Hand Painted Walls

kitchen dream home ideas

As we know using painting as wallpaper is usually one of the trends these days. But, what about a hand-painted wall like this one? Well, if you feel you have an artistic talent, you should consider making this your DIY project for your dream house ideas.

18. Cherry Bathroom Style

crazy dream home ideas

source: www.houzz.com

A limitless budget doesn’t have to equate to garish, extravagant style. Dream spaces should make you feel happy and upbeat. Here, a green vanity and patterned window seat cushion exude playfulness amid elegant tile and finishes.

20. A Dedicated Dressing Room

dream home kitchen ideas

source: www.houzz.com

A room of one’s own is a must in any dream home. For some people, that might include a quiet, private space for getting dressed. Here, a former storage space became a stylish, dedicated room for just that.

20. Outdoor Oasis

dream home ideas south africa

source: www.houzz.com

Let’s move our attention away from indoors and into the great outdoors. Of course our dream home would be in an area with a dream climate that allows outdoor living year-round. This San Francisco outdoor space feature various zones that have it all: a stainless steel grill and pizza oven, an ipe wood deck, a fire pit, lounge seating and a hot tub.

22. Custom Light Fixture

most amazing dream home ideas

source: www.houzz.com

While we’re decking out our dream living room, any old lighting won’t do. Take a cue from this London home and its artistic light fixture. It’s a triangulated LED design with an aluminum framework, suspended beneath three skylights.
What do you think about these home design ideas? How do you picture your dream house? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

So that’s it, some dream house ideas to help you design your own house. From a fancy, simple, warm, and bold design. When choosing the design, you need to remember about one this, whatever design you choose, you have to think about what you really need first. And of course, your comfort is the most important element in designing your house.

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