29 DIY Anniversary Ideas for Your Boyfriend You Can Make

DIY ANNIVERSARY CRAFT – Has your sweetie been extra sweet lately? If you are the crafty or DIY type, then we bet you’d like to make your boyfriend something special. Fortunately, we’ve found you 40 terrific DIY gift ideas that will make your boyfriend smile.

Whether you are new to DIY projects or are an experienced crafter and DIY-er, there is a fun project here to choose to show your love.

The best gifts of all are the homemade ones, as you can truly personalize them with your boyfriend’s favorite colors, cartoon characters, memories of your favorite vacations or other sweet things. You simply aren’t going to find that in any store. Happy Crafting!

A Tin of Notes and Memories

source: indulgy.com

Find a simple tin container and fill it with special memories, cute notes, favour coupons, or simply kind words written on cue cards. When your spouse is feeling down, they can pull one out and smile!


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