29 DIY Anniversary Ideas for Your Boyfriend You Can Make

DIY ANNIVERSARY CRAFT – Have your ever tried to make surprise for your birthday? If you are kind of someone who really fond of toward DIY stuffs, you find the best place. We have 40 simple but meaningful gift ideas to make your boyfriend love you more and more

No matter you are a newbie to make DIY Anniversary Craft, you will find the easiest way to make a present for your loved one without effort.

The best present is the homemade one, since you can customize everything based on your budget, personal feelings and meaning that you want to create through the present you made. So just scroll down and figure out the best one for you. Good luck!

A Tin of Notes and Memories

source: indulgy.com

Take a tiny box and  make a pile of cards with the box size. Write down all special moments, date songs, movie list you watched together. When your boyfriend is bored or even trying to mess everything, he can pick one of the card and smile again! This a great and simple DIY Anniversary Craft, if you have a limited time to prepare.

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