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30+ Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool You Definitely Love

Don’t you just wish you can jump into the indoor swimming pool whenever you wanted? Especially if you are an avid swimmer and all your family member share the same passion. Some family even making swimming as part of the family tradition to go swimming together and swim in regular basic. When the most

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30+ Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is well known that every family member gathers and create dishes that were passed on from generations. It is the place where daughter learning how to cook, grandma sharing recipes or couple cooking together. The diverse usage of the cooking space needs adequate airflow we

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40+ Best Outdoor Kitchen Design and Ideas in 2019

Once there’s was a picnic. You bring your food basket in your car and went to some scenic places. Spread a mat, enjoy the scenery while munching your delicious stuff. Now you don’t have it anymore, the picnic turned into barbeque or cooking out in your outdoor kitchen. For the busy one, this also

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